2014 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winners

Blane Wilson - 2014 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winner

Blane Wilson

School: Stanford University
Major: Electrical Engineering
Prize: $10,000 Scholarship
In his own words: “When I found out I was a scholarship winner, I was overcome with gratitude for being recognized and offered the opportunities that come with this honor,” said Mr. Wilson. “This award encourages me to continue pursuing my career, where I hope to address the world’s growing energy demand while protecting our environment. I want to advocate STEM education for underrepresented students whose perspectives can build better solutions in whatever field they’re passionate about.”

Chelsea Clark - 2014 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winner

Chelsea Clark

School: The University of Texas at Austin
Major: Chemical Engineering
Prize $5,000 Scholarship
In her own words:“I felt so humbled and honored to be chosen as a winner of this scholarship. This means I will be able to focus on pursuing my ultimate career goal of doing research and development in the energy industry,” said Ms. Clark. “I hope my work can help supplement the world’s projected energy demand and reduce our total carbon footprint in the process.”

Ileana Delgado - 2014 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winner

Ileana Delgado

School: Stanford University
Major: Civil Engineering
Prize: $4,000 Scholarship
In her own words: “It was exciting to attend the USHCC National Convention and the meet the other students,” said Ms. Lowe. “Winning the Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship reminded me of the value of my network and support system that have been with me throughout my educational and professional exploration of engineering.”

In 2014, Liberty Power added a Bright Horizons Social Media Competition that allowed us to award a fourth scholarship. Four candidates were selected from a long list of qualified applicants.

Each student was encouraged to spread the word to their friends, family, and student body to help them earn the most online votes during a 30-day period.

Gio DiDomenico not only earned the most votes through an impressive social media campaign, he also demonstrated commitment to the future of energy efficiency thought passenger rail systems.

Giovanni DiDomenico - 2014 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winner

Giovanni DiDomenico

Social Media Competition Winner
: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Major: Civil Engineering
Prize: $2,000 Scholarship
In his own words:“I was thrilled to win a Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship! The social media voting contest was exciting and a fun way to engage my family and friends to help me win the People’s Choice award. I am thankful that Liberty Power and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are helping students achieve their STEM-related academic and career goals.”

2014 - USHCC Gala Bright Horizons Winners