2015 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winners

Erin Adkins-Oury - 2015 Scholarship Winner

Erin Adkins-Oury

School: University of Southern Mississippi
Major: Construction Engineering Technology
Prize: $10,000 Scholarship
In his own words: “When I received the phone call letting me know I was one of the three winners, I was completely overwhelmed and got choked up on the phone,” said Mrs. Adkins-Oury. “Since more than 40% of all energy consumption in the U.S. is used by residential and commercial buildings, I knew I wanted an education that would lead to a career where I could impact this statistic by doing my part to reduce the carbon footprint of the our man-made surroundings.”

Cliff Weitzman - 2015 Scholarship Winner

Cliff Weitzman

School: Brown University
Major: Renewable Energy Innovation
Prize $6,000 Scholarship
In his own words:“I was ecstatic to hear I was a Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship winner. A simple thank you cannot convey the magnitude of the gratitude I feel,” said Mr. Weitzman. “I’ve always been fascinated by energy transformation and the idea that we are able to harness energy. I believe that through innovations in renewable energy I will be able to elevate the collective quality of life.”

Khiana Lowe - 2015 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winner

Khiana Lowe

School: Stanford University
Major: Civil Engineering
Prize: $4,000 Scholarship
In her own words: “It was exciting to attend the USHCC National Convention and the meet the other students,” said Ms. Lowe. “Winning the Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship reminded me of the value of my network and support system that have been with me throughout my educational and professional exploration of engineering.”

2015 Bright Horizon Scholarship Liberty Power Winners