2016 Bright Horizons Scholarship Winners

Twymun K. Safford - 2016 Scholarship Winner

Twymun K. Safford

School: University of West Florida
Major: Physics, Mathematics
Prize: $10,000 Scholarship
In his own words: – “I majored in physics and mathematics because my goals include pursuing a Ph.D, in nuclear and high energy physics not only to study the subatomic constituents of our universe but to contribute to research endeavors that will yield to safer but more efficient energy alternatives that will be solutions to some of these future concerns.

“I want to have a career as a research scientist investigating the subatomic particles and other matter (i.e. dark matter) of the universe to understand the existence of our universe currently; my current summer research project which relates to neutrinos has actually spurred an interest in me to investigate matter, dark matter, and energy to just simply figure out and describe what it is exactly. A career in high-energy physics would prove beneficial for endeavors that involve diving into and utilizing renewable energy resources to protect the environment. It could help prevent another Deepwater Horizon Oil spill and prevent damage to the environment being done through fracking and offshore drilling.”

Agni Guerro - 2016 Scholarship Winner

Agni Guerro

School: New Mexico State University
Major: Electrical Engineer
Prize $6,000 Scholarship
In her own words: “My career goal is to work in an industrial setting or a utility company as an electrical engineer. I enjoy the real time conditions that require real time attention. I am a problem solver and I believe that a fast paced environment full of challenges is where I can grow professionally the most.

“I would like to be able to spread the message to minority students that no matter what your current situation might be with dedication and the right tools it is possible to achieve your educational and career goals.”

Samantha Michael - 2016 Scholarship Winner

Samantha Michael

School: North Carolina State University
Major: Nuclear Engineering
Prize: $4,000 Scholarship
In her own words: “I believe that in order for the earth to be able to continue to provide power to mankind, nuclear plants need to further improved and implemented worldwide. I know that there are going to be several challenges to making nuclear energy the powerhouse of the world, but this only makes this field of study more interesting to me. I want to resolve these challenges that stand in the way of making nuclear energy our main source of energy.

“I believe that my passion for nuclear energy and the environment paired with my natural ability to connect with people will allow me to be successful in this regard.”

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