Liberty Power: Maryland receives mostly good grades for choices in electric markets

Kevin J. Shay, Staff Writer
Maryland Community Newspapers Online
Feb 13, 2007

Maryland does a fair job when it comes to helping small and mid–sized businesses choose electricity sources, according to a study released Monday by Liberty Power, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., energy company.

The state ranked in the top half of 21 states and Washington, D.C., the company said.

Maryland received an overall grade of B. It received an A in two categories: for not restricting a switch in providers and for having protections from cost overruns. It got a B for its ability to compare prices through simple, accurate price estimates from utilities. However, Maryland scored a D in regulatory climate, as Liberty Power cited state officials´ impact on the Public Service Commission, which has been in turmoil over the past year. Its chairman, Kenneth D. Schisler, resigned under pressure last month.


Liberty Power: Where Shopping for a Power Company Is Easiest

Renuka Rayasam
US News and World Report
Feb 13, 2007

New York State may be blanketed with snow this week, but at least small businesses won´t have to worry much about heating bills. The state got a top rating in a comparison of states with the best energy climate for small businesses. Texas came in second, while Montana and Nevada were left out in the cold. Monday´s study, done by independent utility Liberty Power, looked at how much choice small businesses in 20 states and the District of Columbia had when shopping for electric companies.


Electric–power retailer gives Illinois a ‘B’ in energy

Steve Tarter
Peoria Journal Star
Feb 13, 2007

Florida–based company credits state for offering choices

PEORIA – Illinois gets a B on an energy report card offered by Liberty Energy Corp., a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.– based electric–power retailer.

Illinois is moving “forward with implementing a market–based benchmark price that makes shopping for power easier,” the report noted.

Liberty credited the Illinois Commerce Commission for “progressive policies” that have opened customer choice in the state. “The ICC´s decision has attracted about a dozen new suppliers into the state, greatly expanding the breadth of products offered to small business owners,” said the report.


Liberty Power:Liberty Power Names Texas and New York as the Best Retail Power Markets for Small and Mid–Sized Business Customers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – February 12, 2007 –

Liberty Power, the nation´s fastest growing independent energy retailer focused on business consumers, today announced that Texas and New York have created the most successful competitive retail electric markets for small and mid–sized business (SMB) consumers in the 21 states that have restructured their electric systems. Texas and New York received the highest marks of “A–” in Liberty Power´s first Electric Choice Report Card for Small and Mid–Sized Businesses.


Liberty Power: Michigan Gets a D in Deregulation Report

Alejandro Bodipo–Memba
Detroit Free Press
Feb 12, 2007

Michigan received a grade of D in a recent report on electric deregulation and the creation of an inviting environment for small– and medium–size businesses looking for a variety of choices in purchasing electric power.

Liberty Power Corp.’s 2007 Electric Choice Report Card gave Michigan that grade, in large part, because the state´s current regulatory environment makes it difficult for small businesses to shop around for the best possible price for electricity.


Liberty Power: New York among top ranked for business power options

Jeff Platsky
NY Press & Sun Bulletin
Feb 12, 2007

Small businesses had ability to save by comparison shopping

New York and Texas received the top grades in an energy service company report grading the ability for small businesses to shop for power.

The report notes that the New York electric choice initiative “revolutionized how small businesses are able to compare prices and test the market.” The report card, using the estimates supplied by New York regulators, said that small businesses customers saved between 15 percent and 18 percent on electric bills from 1996 to 2004.


Company names N.Y., Texas most competitive retail power markets

Tom Tiernan
Platts Publications
Feb 12, 2007

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Retail energy marketer Liberty Power Monday named Texas and New York as the top competitive retail electricity markets for small commercial customers because they allow business customers to easily shop for affordable prices and there are more than 50 marketers in each state.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida–based company ranked state regulatory policies for small commercial customers in a “report card,” with grades based on the ability to compare prices, restrictions on shopping, whether utilities own generation and overall regulatory climate. States such as Nevada and Oregon, for instance, only allow large commercial or industrial customers to but power from retail marketers. Other states make comparing power prices difficult, have minimum–stay requirements or do not require utility generation prices to reflect market conditions, Liberty said.

Of the 20 states and the District of Columbia included in the rankings, half received a C grade or lower, with Texas and New York the only states earning an A from the marketer. Liberty currently sells power in Texas, New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia, but is entering Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states where capped utility rates are ending and retail market conditions are improving.


Liberty Power decides to rate markets around US

Restructuring Today
Feb 12, 2007

Liberty operates from Ft. Lauderdale.

It´s filling in the gap created by the end of the Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets.

Small businesses don´t have a voice when it comes to electric policy, Liberty´s CEO David Hernandez reminded us.

Electric choice gives them the freedom to choose cheaper prices and more innovative products — but the ability of a small business to save money depends on how well the market is set up, he added.

Download the complete PDF report card.


State gets good electric grade

David Krechevsky
Republican American
Feb 12, 2007

Florida firm ignored rates in giving B–

While many consumers, state legislators and government officials would probably give the state´s deregulated electricity market an F, a company that hopes to sell electricity in Connecticut gives the state´s market a B–minus.


Liberty Power: Delaware deregulation gets good grade in report

Delaware News Journal
Feb 10, 2007

A power company says deregulation has been good for small businesses in Delaware. Liberty Power, based in Florida, ranked the 20 states that have deregulated their energy industry.

Delaware enacted deregulation in 1999 and removed price caps last year, leading to price increases for businesses of between 47 percent and 68 percent. The report card did not address price increases, instead, it focused on the ability of small businesses to choose their power supplier.


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