5 Tips to Travel Green

Protect The Environment With These Sustainable Travel Tips

Summer is here.  Eureka!  School is out, sun is blazing, and it is almost time to pack your bags.  According to a AAA Travel Survey, more than 100 million Americans (4 out of 10 adults) have travel plans this year.  According to the same survey, 70% of those vacations are scheduled for the summer.

Whether you’re wandering by road or plane this season, it’s time to consider how to travel more sustainably.  100 million vacationing Americans is great for the economy and works wonders on stress, but fossil fuel burning transportation and increased waste related to travel are also extremely taxing on the environment.  Have you thought about what you can do travel greener this summer?

Let’s review 5 simple energy saving tips to Travel Green in 2019.

Green Road Trips

When packing for road trips, it’s easy to stuff your luggage with a heavy hand.  Why not?  Your car won’t charge checked bag fees or penalties for overweight gear.  That leaves you free to stuff the trunk with massive weight in chachkies, toys, luggage, pets, food—you name it.

Once the trunk is closed and kids are secure, you may be slamming on the gas and counting down the moments to arrival.  Unfortunately, driving over the speed limit along with a heavy car means lower fuel efficiency and more trips to the gas station.

Tips to use less gas and save money:

  • Pack lighter this year.
  • Drive the speed limit.

Green Flights

If you’re not hitting the road this year, you may be one the millions of Americans stuffing suitcases and flying all over the world.  While flying is certainly more convenient for long distances, fossil fuel emissions from airplanes continue to soar.  It is estimated that the airline industry produces about 3% of all manmade CO2 emissions.  Statistically, the best method to travel green is to avoid flying altogether.  But that’s not reasonable for most people, so let’s take a look at how to lower your impact.

Tips to fly green:

  • Pack as light as possible.
  • Book non-stop flights only.

Green Accommodations

Hotels are major culprits of wasteful energy practices.  Most hotels wash towels and sheets every day, do not offer recycling, and throw away tons in single-use waste each day.  But not all hotels are green offenders.  Now more than ever, it is possible to choose eco travel vacation spots.

Eco friendly lodges are plentiful in Australia, Africa and South America and are built using sustainable practices.  They utilize energy saving lighting, recycled materials, and minimize the use of paper and plastic to reduce waste.  Ecotourism is much scarcer in North America, but it does exist.  Check out Mother Living’s recommendations for inspiration.

Tips to sleep greener:

  • Book an eco-lodge this year.
  • If eco trekking is not an option, reduce the length of showers, reuse towels and save recyclable waste.

Getting around green

Cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes all contribute to CO2 emissions, which make up 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  Tackling this issue requires global political reform, but as citizens of this world, you can do your part to reduce individual transportation use.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination, consider different methods to get around without burning gas.

Tips for getting around green:

  • If you’re staying in a city, consider getting around by foot or bike.
  • Take public transportation like trains, buses, and trolleys.
  • Rent an electric or hybrid car.

Green travel supplies 

The average person generates 4.5 pounds of trash per day and collectively, humans generate billions of tons each year.  The majority of waste is sent to landfills where 40% is burned, emitting toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and ground-level ozone.  One of the best methods to reduce needless waste when traveling is to buy local, reusable supplies.

Tips for green supplies.

  • Carry a reusable water container.
  • Buy locally sourced food and supplies.


Liberty Power hopes these useful tips on travelling green this summer will not only help you feel good for contributing, but will also help our planet and keep those vacation destinations pristine.


Article Credit:  Elena Schmidt

Liberty Power Editorial Team
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