App of the Week: CK Ranker

Are you conscious of how clean your company is? Are you looking to do business with companies that maintain a strong sustainable performance? If so, check out the Corporate Knights ranker. This app, available at the Apple store, helps rank leading companies by a very important metric: their sustainability.

CK Ranker allows you to access and compare your company’s sustainability performance with others and identify global best practices. The app can also help set targets to achieve and track your progress over time.

From the creator’s own words: “CK Ranker can help you to set environmental and social targets for your business by looking at the performance of your closest peers. In addition, by ranking your company, you will learn which indicators are being widely disclosed by your industry peers. In other words, this app can help to guide your company’s reporting approach when it comes to environmental, social and governance information.”

Check out to see where your business ranks and how you can improve and enhance its sustainability.