Make It Your Best Earth Day Ever!

Honoring Our Beautiful Planet

In honor of Earth Day April 22, 2018, Liberty Power would like to present you with a challenge!  Pick at least two items from our Earth Day Challenge list and work them into your daily or weekly routine.  Sounds easy, right?  Share with us how you plan to go green on Earth Day 2018!

At Liberty Power, every day is Earth Day. We hope to raise awareness of our beloved Earth and ways we can all help heal and protect it, regardless of who we are or where we are on the planet.

Once you have selected your two ways to help, send us a quote or post on our Facebook page about how you feel about helping the Earth, creative ways you went about your selection, or how this activity made you think about ways to do things more Earth-friendly moving forward.


Change your light bulbs to CFL (compact fluorescent lights) or LED.

Conserve energy and lower your electric usage. Visit this page to get more facts.
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Use a recyclable bag or basket instead of plastic bags at the grocery store.

Plastic bags and even paper bags are resource drains. A reusable bag is exactly that- reusable. Read more about it in this fact filled web page:

Don’t use disposable items like plastic forks, paper napkins, or paper towels.

Use cloth napkins, real metal flatware and regular dishes.
Use your own mug for takeout drinks.
Use a cloth rag instead of paper towels. These can be easily washed and work great.
Look around your home and see what else you can find that you can reuse.

Don’t buy anything.

This sounds strange and can be difficult, but try to make it at least one day a week, not to buy anything. Conserve fuel by carpooling, eat leftovers, or don’t go shopping. Save money and help the environment.

Buy used.

Instead of buying brand new all the time, look around in thrift stores or garage sales for that must-have item. Chances are good you will find it or something similar.

Stop receiving junk mail and unwanted catalogs.

It’s easy and free to stop getting unwanted mail.
Visit to have your name removed from mailing lists at no charge. If you only want to stop some catalogs but keep the ones you want, visit

Start recycling or increase the amount that you recycle.

Reduce may be the most important “R” of them all. It eliminates waste and even the need to recycle. If you can make an effort to start recycling, fantastic. If you can recycle even more than you do now, even better!

Don’t idle your car for long periods.

Idling your vehicle equates to 0 miles per gallon and pollutes the entire time you are sitting. Turn off your car if you’re stopped more than 30 or more seconds, or in that line to pick up the kids. Check out this great site with surprising information about the environmental impact of idling your vehicle:

Walk, job, or ride your bike a few times a week instead of using your car.

Work on your health as you work on the environment. This may not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to help.

Start a compost heap or bin for food and yard waste.

Instead of filling up the landfill, use this material and turn it into rich, usable material for your lawn or garden. Here is a site that can help get you started with composting on your own.

Wash all of your clothes in cold water instead of hot water.

Cold water uses 90% less energy than hot water, and is even better for your clothes. Hot water makes colors fade and wears out your clothes even faster. Learn more about this from this site:

Sign up for Liberty Green 100% renewable energy.

Liberty Power offers 100% green, renewable energy plans for both residential and business. Enroll today and get RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) instead of using “brown” or non-renewable energy. Or, learn more about our Green Plans here:

So make 2018 the best Earth Day it can be- and help us help the planet.  Small, daily efforts adds up quickly and can make a real impact.  No matter where you are!


Liberty Power shares your passion for the environment. That’s why we offer green energy plans that include Renewable Energy Credits. If you’re looking to celebrate Earth Day 2018 by helping the environment, check out the plans available in your area and get started on making the switch to clean energy.  Happy Earth Day!

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