How to lower your business’ energy bill

Lowering your business’ energy bill is probably more similar than you realize to the steps you take to do the same at home. This week, we’ll remind you of a few basics you can do in your office to keep your energy bill under control.

• Tune up your equipment
Schedule regular maintenance on your office equipment before the peak use seasons (winter for heating and summer for air conditioning) to make sure nothing is damaged or under-performing.

• Change/clean your air filters
Sometimes having too many particles in your air filter can really hurt its efficiency. Make sure to clean your air filters! You’ll benefit from a better performing AC as well as from a higher quality of air. Concerned about filter replacement costs? Look into purchasing an AC that comes with budget-friendly reusable, cleanable filters.

• Take care of your building
Occasionally, pesky leaks or faulty insulation play the culprit in your energy bill spike. Make sure to keep up with your building’s basic needs to ensure you are not blowing money out the windows. This can be a balancing act – you want to keep your controlled air in while still letting in some fresh air from the outside. Click here to check out the EPA’s guides on indoor air quality.

• Master your elements
You can reduce the amount of heat that comes into your building by simple treating your windows to reduce the amount of sun you allow in. Use solar screens (get them at your local hardware store) to block heat and glare. You can also use drapes or curtains, but these still let heat in through the glass. Focus specially on the windows facing east and west. West-facing rooms tend to get a lot warmer in the afternoon so unless you want to crank up your AC, try to schedule meetings in those room in the mornings.

Next week we’ll go over lighting options that can help you save on your business’ electricity bill.

Do you have any office energy savings tips? Let us know in the comments below, or here.