Department of Energy Awards Best Overall App Grand Prize to Leafully

The first-ever Apps for Energy Grand Prize winner for best overall app is Leafully, the brainchild of Seattle-based Timothy Edgar and Nathan Jhaveri. Leafully helps utility customers visualize the energy use in creative and easy-to-understand units. The app lets you see the number trees required to offset the pollution created by your energy use.

Apps for Energy is a competition launched in 2012 by the U.S. Department of Energy. The stakes: $100,000 to software developers for the best new apps that help utility customers understand and use Green Button data – that’s your detailed electricity usage information made available as a simple download from your local utility.

With Leafully, you can set goals for reducing your environmental impact. Goals are measured in the number of trees you want to save. You can help achieve your goal by reducing electricity use, or choosing clean energy sources. You can also input other types of energy use – like your car mileage – to get a more accurate idea of your environmental impact.

Participating utilities allow customers to download their Green Button data directly through the app. You can also upload your own Green Button file.

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