DIY Sustainably Spooky Halloween Costumes & Décor

Halloween is the first major celebration of the holiday season and whether you’re 8 or 80, it can be an exciting time for the whole family. As a kid you might have been looking forward to your next great costume from the local Halloween store, as an adult you’re usually trying to find ways to reuse or repurpose old costumes and props to recapture the Halloween spirit for less. For those of you looking to decorate the house and dress up without breaking the bank, read on for some cost- and eco-friendly décor and costume ideas that will surely get you frighteningly great savings.

Green Halloween Décor Ideas

Paper Bats

Bats are synonymous with all things that creep in the night during the Halloween season. To add a few night crawlers to your home, check out this simple tutorial that shows you how to create Halloween bats using a printable template, scissors and tape or sticky tack. The entire project can be completed for under $15, and all the supplies you need can be bought at your local art or school supplies store. An added bonus is that black printer paper or cardstock is recyclable as long as it doesn’t get wet or soiled. No need for stringing up orange lights and running up your electricity bill for the month. Let these bats creep sustainably up your walls instead.

Glam Pumpkins

The truth is not all of us are fans of horror films or things that go bump in the night, but we still enjoy October activities like pumpkin picking. If carving scary faces into a pumpkin isn’t your style, consider giving one a chic makeover instead. This post from Elle Décor includes a photo gallery of different ideas of varying difficulty that you can draw inspiration from to create your own designer pumpkin.

The cost will vary depending on the pumpkin size and paint you choose, but small chalk paint cans can be as cheap as $5. For those who are less artistically inclined, this Home Stories post includes step-by-step directions on how to paint real or fake pumpkins like a pro. Added bonus here: If you can keep your pumpkin dry and healthy, you can still use the painted pumpkins for cooking! Here is a recipe you can try after your glam pumpkins are ready to step out of the spotlight and into your stomach. Talk about eco-friendly decor.

Make a Halloween Scarecrow (But With All Your Clothes)

Let’s be honest- the majority of us have clothes in our closets that we swear we’ll wear again one day (but in reality, we know we’ve been saying this for the last 10 years). Thankfully, Halloween is the perfect time for to show off those jeans that are hidden on the back shelf and that shirt that never looks great in pictures to make your own Halloween scarecrow.

How you position the dummy will determine what support it’ll need to keep it propped up. However, you can do this simply with wire hangers or PVC piping that can be cheaply bought at a hardware store. If you’re going for a traditional scarecrow look, you’ll need to pick up straw, too, which can be bought at an art supply store like Michael’s. You can also use old newspapers or pillow stuffing to beef up your scarecrow.

For the head, you can use a pumpkin, make it headless or use a potato sac. Using your own clothes also makes the experience fun since you can personalize your Halloween scarecrow as much as you want! So whether it’s dressed in your fall best or rocking that outfit no one gets to see anymore, it’s sure to be an outdoor décor hit. Added bonus: newspaper filings that are not soiled or wet are completely recyclable!


Green Halloween Costume Ideas

Accessorize the Clothes You Have

For women, the little black dress has always been a must-have staple of any closet because of its versatility and this remains true during the Halloween season. This article from POPSUGAR has 30 different costumes that can be made from ONE little black dress! Style your hair in pigtails and you can be Wednesday Addams or throw your hair in a bun and add a pearl necklace to become Audrey Hepburn instead. For the spookier look, you can add a witch hat and a bold red lip or add some plastic fangs and transform into a vampire (or glampire, if you will).

For guys, there are thankfully plenty of well-known characters from books and film that are dressed in fairly plain clothing. If you have a red and black flannel and a pair of jeans, you can be the Brawny man from the paper towels. Have a suit and sunglasses? Now you’re one half of the Men In Black. And if you’re looking for a fan favorite, a yellow sweater, a pair of jeans and big glasses and everyone will know it’s Arthur. Pinterest is a great resource if you need to match the clothes in your closet with costumes to match but you can be assured that you have clothes that will work. The best part is that every costume you pull from your closet is cheap AND sustainable.

Make It Punny

A pun costume can be a hilarious fan favorite, but can sometimes take a bit of creativity to change from words to a visual ensemble. To help you out, Buzzfeed compiled a list of punny costumes that would definitely be a hit at the Halloween party you attend. Depending on how much or little you are looking to spend, there are many costumes that can be made from items you probably already own.

For example, if you have an old apron, write the letters “Fe” in sharpie and all of a sudden you’re an Iron Chef (see what I did there?). And if you have an old bee costume, you can repurpose it by adding random letters to it. All of a sudden, you’re a spelling bee! Another simple one is adding tape to any outfit in the form of a street and adding a plastic fork and now you’re a fork in the road. The options are endless when we live in a world of puns, but it’ll be up to you to put your own spin on it.

From Liberty Power, we hope these budget friendly tips help you enjoy your Halloween a little more this year!




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