Dorm Survival 101: Electronics

It’s time to energize that tired ole dorm room! Operation: Power Up is a glimpse into some of the electronics you’ll want to pack to take you from getting to early morning classes on time through enjoying downtime with friends.

  • Alarm Clock – Being on time is an admirable trait. The key is in knowing how many times you can hit snooze and still not be late!
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player – Movie nights are almost a certainty! Having a DVD or Blu-Ray player may even help when those books you were assigned to read are also in movie form… not that you should skip reading the books… but as more of a…study aid…
  • Gaming Systems – Sometimes it helps to get your mind off of the more serious matters and focus on something a bit more lighthearted. Plus, challenging your friends at Just Dance on the Wii is a guaranteed good time!
  • Stereo System/iPod/MP3 Player – If music is your escape, then definitely don’t forget your favorite audio system. You can listen to some tunes on the way to class or pop on some headphones to drown out your tuba-playing roommate.
  • Television – Whether it’s the news or the latest installment of Maury, make sure to pack a TV that’s compact enough to fit into your dorm room. You may want to rethink that large 60 inch until you have a living room.
  • Cell Phone – It’s 9pm, do you know where your cell phone is? Skip the mini heart attack and pick a brightly colored case so you can easily find your most utilize possession in the pile of clothes/papers/empty chip bags…
  • Camera – Capturing these moments will bring joy for a lifetime to come! Enjoy every second, live up every moment, and capture every memory. Don’t forget to bring your camera, a memory card and a battery charger.

Stay tuned for more of Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide on Thursday. We’ll give you the low down on the  school supplies to help you make the grade.

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