Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances, The Sequel

Operation: Don’t Starve is back with some more helpful kitchen appliances to start your semester off right.

  • Coffee Maker – For the coffee addicts out there! This machine will become your best friend during midterms and finals. All night study session anyone?
  • Electric Handheld Can Opener/Jar Opener – Those jars can be quite intimidating sometimes. Don’t forget to bring a jar and can opener or else dinner may be a while.
  • Hot Air Popcorn Popper – Who doesn’t love popcorn with their favorite movie? A hot air popcorn popper provides a healthier alternative as the corn is not popped in oil! A snack that’s fast, easy, and good for you!
  • Hot Pot/Tea Kettle – These will fulfill your quick heating needs, especially for the tea drinkers out there. It has been proven that green tea can help maintain a healthy weight, ahem, freshman 15, ahem…
  • Rice Cooker – A super easy lifesaver for those times when all cafeterias are closed or serving not so appealing meals. Cook a chicken cutlet on your tabletop grill and voila! Dinner!
  • Water Filter – Water bottles can contaminate the environment and tap water may not always be the safest. Your best bet to finding a more cost effective solution that works all the time would be a water filter. There are the faucet attachments, fridge containers, and even water bottles that can get the job done.

Now, you’re ready to master the kitchen in your dorm! Or at least avoid starvation before you get out of all those introductory courses. But wait, we’re not done just yet. Tune in tomorrow for a look at other notable appliances you’ll want to consider in Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide!

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