Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances

Our Operation: Don’t Starve checklist is essential when the campus meal plan just isn’t cutting it


The dining hall on campus is so convenient… except when it’s closed. Sigh. Now, what are you supposed to do? Here’s a list of dorm-friendly (or off-campus apartment) kitchen appliances to keep you from starving when your options are limited:

  • Blender/Hand Blender – You’ll be amazed at the things you can come up with while using a blender. Blend fruits for a smoothie, make your own tomato sauce, or experiment and come up with your own concoction! Word to the wise when you’re mixing and matching foods… just because they may taste good individually does not mean they will taste good together.
  • Cookware – You can’t cook without something to cook in! A basic set of pots and pans should do the trick.
  • Microwave – After the coffee maker, the microwave is your next best friend. For the on-the-go college student, it’s the easiest way to heat up simple meals when time is of the essence. Just make sure you are sticking with university standards when it comes to wattage.
  • Mini Fridge – A mini fridge in your room is a must! You might be leaving your food to chance if you put it in the communal fridge on your dorm floor. Again, just make sure you are getting the correct size. Dorm rooms can be small and you don’t want your fridge being the center of attention.
  • Tabletop Grill – Another one for those not so appealing moments at the cafeteria. You can grill meat/chicken, make grilled cheese sandwiches, and for those with a sweet tooth, try s ’mores!
  • Toaster – Toast, the perfect fix for a quick breakfast or a late night sandwich. Be careful not to burn it though… dorm smoke detectors are verrrrrry sensitive.

This was just to get you started… stay tuned for the second half of our Operation: Don’t Starve checklist tomorrow.

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