Dorm Survival 101: Room Appliances

Additional ‘stuff’ to help make dorm life livable

Welcome back to Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide. While the following items aren’t ‘must haves’ they are definitely ‘nice to have’ when you’re trying to transform a stark, dirty dorm room into a place you can call home (at least for the next year).

  • Air Purifier/Humidifier – Beat those allergies by keeping an air purifier or humidifier around. Your nose and throat will thank you for it!
  • Iron/Steamer – Crushed clothes are not in style and never will be. Iron out those awkward folds and present yourself as a responsible adult. Professors (and your dates) will appreciate it.
  • Outlet Adapter – Some outlets are two prong friendly while others are three prong friendly. Don’t resort to buying all new appliances! Instead, just grab an outlet adapter and voila! Crisis averted!
  • Portable Air Conditioner/Fan/Heater – Not all dorm rooms have individual thermostats. And not all roommates are agreeable when it comes to temperature. Without these portables, you may have to either sweat it out or wrap yourself in blankets. Better to be prepared.
  • Power Drill – You won’t be building a house from scratch, but you may be doing some sort of assembly in your new dorm room. A power drill will make life that much easier.
  • Smart Battery Charger – You may not always have a spare outlet available for your charging needs. These compact devices can keep you going for days!
  • Stereo System – You’re in college! Turn up the music and have some fun! But make sure it’s okay with your roommates first.
  • Surge Protector – Dorm rooms usually only have between two and four outlets, yet students usually have about 10 different things they need to plug in. Make sure to bring a surge protector to expand the outlet offering and also protect your appliances from sudden power surges.
  • Vacuum Cleaner/Hand Vacuum – Mom’s no longer around to clean your room for you. Make sure to have a vacuum or hand vacuum to clean up your mess… or at least in emergencies when the parental units are coming to visit.

Ok, we’ve definitely checked off quite a few things on the list. But we’re not done yet. Next week, Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide will cover electronics and school supplies. In the meantime, start packing!

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