Dorm Survival 101: School Supplies

Dorm Survival 101: School Supplies
Back to pencils, back to books, try to avoid teacher’s dirty looks. Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide wouldn’t be complete without some necessary school supply suggestions:

  • Backpack – One strap, two strap, messenger bag… the choice is yours, but whatever your style, you’ll definitely need some sort of school bag to carry your stuff across campus.
  • Calculator – You may not be studying to be a mathematician, but most majors require you take at least one math class. Don’t be that kid counting on his fingers… put a calculator in your backpack.
  • iPad/Tablet and Accessories – Travel light. iPads and other tablets bring the capacity of a laptop to a much more compact tool. From utilizing it in class as a note taker/voice recorder device to making use of the many apps in your downtime between classes, it’ll make your life easier and your backpack lighter.
  • Laptop – Paper notebooks are SO high school! Having a laptop also takes you out of the library and into the park or campus café for study sessions. Another perk… your days of trying to decipher chicken scratch notes and smudges are over.
  • Notebooks – For some, writing actual notes helps them to better remember information. After all, repetition is key! Plus, you never know when the battery will die in your laptop or tablet. Notebooks also serve as a creative outlet for those who like to doodle in the margins… or passing notes in class… not that we condone that or anything.
  • Pens/Pencils – Writing utensils are a must! You can get as colorful as you want! With the myriad of options out there, you’ll never be out of ways to spruce up those class notes.
  • Voice Recorder – Don’t miss another word! Bring your voice recorder to class and take bets on exactly what was said by your professors. Just make sure you have permission before recording anyone.

One more thing… don’t forget a few USB cords and the appropriate chargers. Tablets and laptops do you no good when their batteries give out… and it’s always at the most inconvenient times too. Check out the wireless keyboards and mouse options too. Many stores still have school supplies on sale… go stock up!

Next week, we’ll talk about all the ways to lighten up… your dorm room that is.

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