Dorm Survival 101: All That Other Stuff

This is the last installment of the Liberty Power Dorm Survival Guide. By this point, you’ve probably got a van packed to the brim with more stuff than you ever imagined one person would need… but… make a little more room because we’ve got just a few more vital items to help make dorm life more livable.


  • Extra Long Bed Sheets – Those dorm beds are no Average Joe/Plain Jane size! They require extra-long bed sheets, so check the label and sure you pick up the right size. Don’t forget to do the same with your comforter too!
  • Pillows – Whether you prefer decorative pillow, body pillows, or your old homey pillows that you’ve had for years, make sure to pack them. Your neck, back, and roommate will thank you for a good night’s rest sans the snoring.
  • Bed Raisers –Bed raisers are the perfect tool to help lift the height of your dorm bed and make a little extra storage space underneath. Make sure to check out the ones that have outlets in them so you can charge your phone and play Candy Crush while lying in bed.
  • Shower Slippers/Caddy – You wouldn’t go barefoot in the woods, so don’t even consider going barefoot in the communal showers. Bring your shower slippers; it’s a jungle out there! Remember a shower caddy too… or you can take a chance and leave your personal hygiene products in the bathroom. Just don’t count on them still being there when it’s time for your next shower.
  • Towels – Air drying is not going to fly in the less-than-zero privacy of a dorm room. Make sure to pack enough towels to last between trips to the laundromat.
  • Storage Bins – Chances are you’re going to bring more stuff than you have space for or seasonal items that won’t be in use all the time. Make sure to pack a few storage bins that you can hide underneath your bed when it’s not their time to shine.
  • Chargers for Electronics – Technology has advanced so much that our lives are practically run by electronics. Pack the appropriate chargers otherwise you’ll be forced to revert back to pen and paper, phones with rotary dialers, and sundials.
  • Earplugs – Make the snoring stop! Short of smothering your roommate with a pillow, earplugs can provide relief from snoring, loud music, TV or annoying chatter and provide the perfect soundproof escape.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking… we’ve gone a little overboard. Trust us; all the unprepared people on your floor will be banging down your door wanting to borrow this or that. Just knowing you won’t have to fight the crowds at the store during move-in weekend is thank you enough for us.

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