Easy Ways to Save on Lighting at Work

When it comes to saving on lighting, a lot of the same rules that apply to your house apply to your business too.

Turn off your lights

Turning off lights and other equipment in vacant rooms prevents wasted energy and can greatly help in the reduction of your utility bill.

Install sensors

Occupancy sensors can further ensure your vacant conference rooms are not draining your power usage. Switch plate occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on and off by ‘seeing’ when people enter or leave a room. Just make sure you are installing it right. Placing it behind a door will not help it “see” when someone enters the room.

Get CFLs

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) cost about 75% less to operate and last 10 times longer than your traditional incandescent lights. Make sure to use them wherever it’s appropriate.

Consider small changes

Think about other areas where you could improve your energy costs. Try using ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs. According to ENERGY STAR’s savings calculator, the use of their certified exit signs could saving up to $100 per year per sign that you replace.

Use your natural resources

Natural sun light can help reduce costs as well as improve the moods of those in the office. We encourage you to leverage this option as often as possible!

Light according to your people

Different people have different lighting needs. For some, too much light in an office can lead to discomfort causing headaches, stiff necks and aches in the shoulder area. Adjusting the lights in your office will not only help lower your electric bill, it will increase overall productivity too.