INSIDE ENERGY Brings You Global Innovation in Action

Designed by global energy company Shell, INSIDE ENERGY is a one-stop app for anyone interested in the latest news on energy and innovation from around the world.

The app is organized into six categories:
Latest Stories features breaking energy innovation news
Smarter Mobility includes stories on innovation in all forms of transportation
Innovative Thinking is all about new ideas in action
Meeting Demand explores solutions to meet the growing global demand for energy
Energy Efficiency includes updates on efforts to reduce waste at every step, from the generating station to the end-user
People and Planet focuses on advanced technologies that will help create energy in the cleanest way possible

Because Shell is a truly global company, they are able to bring together innovation updates from around the globe. This is a great app for high-school age students who want to learn more about the growing field of energy innovation or anyone who wants to know more about global ideas in action.

View the demo at

To download the free app, visit the iTunes store and search for “Inside Energy.”

September 20, 2013