Green Energy For International Peace

August is International Peace Month,

representing the global goal and overwhelming challenge to stop unnecessary environmental and human suffering.  We are all international peace supporters yet the task can seem overwhelming, multi-dimensional and out of reach for individuals to make a real difference.  At Liberty Power, we do not presume to have the solution but we can look at one major cause of global harm and discuss solutions to which every individual can contribute.  So, in the spirit of peace and curiosity, let’s take a closer look at how non-renewable energy contributes to the problem and how green energy independence can offer a solution.

For a nation to thrive, it must have access to abundant energy sources to power its cars, homes, businesses and automobiles.  Yet access to energy is not guaranteed because the world continues to rely on gas and oil (fossil fuels).  Oil and gas are non-renewable forms of energy which can only be cultivated in certain areas of the world and are controlled by those in power.  The Washington Post reported in 2015 that 1.3 billion people are living in the dark without access to electricity.  The rest of us who live in the light, do so at the expense of the atmosphere.  In this world of oil addiction and imbalance both humans & nature suffer.  But there is hope, and we propose a renewable solution.

Renewable energy represents hope for change in a world where impoverished nations are left in the dark and the environment on which life relies is under major threat of destruction.  Green energy technology cultivates power from renewable resources such as the sun, wind, earth and water.  Such technology represents the world’s greatest opportunity to fight climate change & global inaccessibility to electricity by drastically reducing pollution and reliance on limited resources.  Instead of pouring countless million into the fossil fuel industry, what if Americans redirected that investment into green energy instead?  What if the world followed our lead?

There is hope for peace and it looks a bit green!

Bring on the Water Works with Hydro Power

Hydro Power is generated using a dam or diversion structure to harness the moving force of water into electricity.  7% of all US homes, businesses, agriculture and industry are powered by this method, making Hydroelectricity the nation’s largest source of renewable energy to date.

Hydro Benefits

  • One of the most affordable renewable energy sources
  • Carbon neutral
  • Free from toxic byproducts
  • Excellent backup source during power outages
  • Creates reservoirs used for boating, fishing & swimming
  • Massive potential to scale up

Here Comes the Sun with Solar Power

Solar energy is converted into thermal or electrical power using solar panel technology. Representing the greatest global power-up potential, the sun strikes the earth with more energy in an hour-and-a-half than worldwide energy consumption in an entire year. Whoa, bring on the heat.

Solar Benefits

  • Unlimited potential to power the entire globe
  • Relatively low cost
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Yields other sources of green energy (see below)

Breaking Wind with Air Power  

Wind power is a renewable source of energy that channels air flow into wind turbines to mechanically yield electricity. The atmosphere’s endless breeze delivers an almost effortless, guilt-less source of energy to the local communities in which the turbines reside. Fun Fact: Wind is also a form of solar energy that is caused by the sun’s heating of the atmosphere and the rotation of the earth.

Wind Benefits

  • Consumes no water
  • Produces no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use little land space
  • Wind turbines creates jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and support services
  • Provides a domestic source of abundant energy

Down to Earth with Geothermal Heat

Below the surface of the earth are underground reservoirs of steam and hot water that can be used to create electricity to heat and cool buildings. We acquire this energy through building wells (sometimes a mile deep) to tap into the steam that drives electricity generating turbines. Geothermal heat may seem more difficult to reach than some of our recent above ground mentions, but 20+ countries are generating geothermal energy & the United States is the world’s largest producer.

Geothermal Benefits

  • Burning of fossil fuels not required
  • Produces much less CO2 than natural gas plants
  • Geothermal is available 365 days a year 24/7 (unlike solar & wind)
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to fossil fuels
  • Domestic form of power (no importing required)

Buying In To Green Energy

In our current state of gas & oil driven power, it may be difficult, impossible even to imagine that there are reliable, renewable, inexpensive, and earth conscious solutions to conflict and energy famine in the world. We may not realize that today at least 50% of customers can purchase renewable electricity from their direct or third party energy supplier (Liberty Power ahem).

Green pricing is an optional service that allows customers to pay their power companies a small premium in exchange for green electricity generation.

The Competitive Electricity Markets allow clean power companies to compete with standard power companies to sell green energy products to residential customers.

Green Certificates allow consumers to contribute to clean renewable energy generation whether or not they have direct access to a clean power provider. When consumers purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs), they are contributing to the development of additional renewable energy projects.

Liberty Power is doing our part to offer green energy plans & further support the development of green energy production.  








Article Credit:  Elena Schmidt

Liberty Power Editorial Team
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