Green Workouts: Wear Green, Be Green

So you made a New Year’s resolution back in January, but it’s now September… have you fulfilled it? Chances are, probably not. If it had anything to do with working out or going green, though, read on to find out how you can kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Try to exercise outside as much as possible. You’ll get a much better workout by utilizing more muscles than when at the gym, but you’ll also be saving energy at the same time.
  2. If you belong to a gym or health club, encourage more green tactics. Recycling bins, eco-friendly upgrades, lessening the towel usage; the options are endless.
  3. If you have gym buddies, car pool to the gym. You’ll get to pump each other up before and after, all while saving the environment from more vehicle pollution.
  4. Purchase workout gear made of eco-friendly products, such as organic cotton or bamboo threads. You can even go as far as using second hand work bikes and weights.
  5. Avoid buying one time use plastic water bottles. Eco-friendly reusable water bottles can be found in almost any convenience store along with water filters.
  6. Be creative when it comes to working out. Yard work just might be the trick to help you burn off some calories.
  7. Have a battery or generator? Hook it up to a stationary bike and pedal away. You’ll be able to recharge these items in no time, all while working your muscles.
  8. When your shoes give out, recycle them! Look for local facilities that will accept them and turn them into basketballs, tennis courts, etc.

Don’t let another year go by plagued by a failed resolution. Kick your energy levels into high gear and start working out the green way!

September 26, 2013

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