Independence Day Energy Savings

Monthly energy bills can feel like a colonial tax over which you have zero control. The ever-changing rates are imposed upon you without your consent or prior knowledge. Your bill can unexplainably rise without a fixed rate. Under this system of energy tyranny, you will never have rights over your own rates. Do I smell an energy revolution brewing?

In the spirit of Independence Day let’s draw inspiration from our forefathers. Let’s launch a rebellion against the rates we can’t control. Let’s take the power—both literally and figuratively—and the energy bill back into our own hands.

OK perhaps the American Revolution deserves a bit more credit than the one we just proposed. Our late American heroes did after all free us from the colonial power that taxed this nation for goods it did not need and imposed on us beliefs with which we did not agree. Our forefathers broke free from colonial power after a long-fought war, with incredible odds stacked against their success. They created a new nation with little else but the will to triumph and the unerring belief in true independence.

At Liberty Power, the fabric of our culture is based on the belief in freedom. We want all consumers to exercise their rights to choose a competitive electricity supplier. Our mission is to provide predictability and independence from uncontrollable energy rates. We serve our customers with a consistent fixed rate and free advice about how to reduce monthly energy use.

We do this because we know energy isn’t the only bill Americans have to pay, but it is quite possibly the most mysterious bill we have to pay. Without a fixed rate, how can Americans create a budget for the month or year when we can’t predict our utility energy rate or our usage from one month to the next? At Liberty Power, we know budgeting can be hard and we want to make it easier. We want to put power & freedom back in your hands. That’s the American Way. (Queue the fireworks)

Now that you are on the way to energy rate independence, we suggest you get outside and celebrate. In the spirit of our forefathers, crack open a cold one and light up the grill because simply spending more time outside can help reduce your energy bill. Here we have five tips to save energy this fourth of July.

Tips & Tricks for Saving Energy & Fuel this Independence Day

  1.  Spend the Day Outside. Be sure to unplug all cords and raise the temperature on your A.C.
  2.  Use a charcoal grill. Ditch the electric powered grill and oven. Light up a grill for perfectly charred meat this year.
  3.  Serve more cold dishes. We would never ask you to give up burgers & hot dogs (what could be more American?), but maybe serve uncooked side dishes only—no oven required (think beans, garden salads, or fruit).
  4.  Use solar powered decorative lighting to keep the party going after sunset.
  5.  Keep your cooler stocked. Prep ahead of time with plenty of ice so that your home is not a revolving door where guests are letting out precious energy.