A Song of Ice and Fire (and Electricity): Why Game of Thrones is Like the Energy Industry


We’ve finally come to the end of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and winter is here at last. What a ride! You thought dragons were cool? Now we’ve got zombie dragons. You thought that wall was tough? Now that wall’s come tumbling down. You thought Littlefinger had the game all figured out? Now Sansa’s in and Littlefinger’s out.

Through it all, the ups, the downs, the incest, the jewels, the crowns, the murders, the feasts, and the frowns, one thing has stayed about the same as it was way back at the start of Season One. And that is that Game of Thrones is a lot like the energy industry. Don’t believe it? Here’s the proof.

Winter’s a Problem

Winter couldn’t be worse news in Game of Thrones. White walkers are coming South. Everyone’s favorite Khaleesi has landed in Westeros. Wars are raging across the continent. As winter has come, the inhabitants of Westeros have had to pay a higher and higher price just to stay alive, and who knows how much higher that price will go.

It’s the same in the energy industry. When winter comes, people use a lot more energy than they did in the fall. Electric heaters are turned on. Electric lights are used for longer hours. Entertainment systems get more work as more people stay at home to binge-watch Game of Thrones reruns. All this extra demand raises the price of the electricity as more expensive means of production must come online to handle the surge.

The people of Westeros don’t have many options to deal with their winter (except a little dragonglass). But people buying electricity do—namely, switching from a variable rate to a fixed-rate energy plan. On a fixed-rate energy plan, even when the cost of electricity goes up, the price customers pay stays the same.

You Can Live in the New World, or Die in the Old One

Daenerys sets foot on the shore of Dragonstone like the changing of the seasons, with the force of a natural disaster. She is inexorable, the agent of a change greater than herself or the people around her. When she proclaims that she will break the wheel, she means that everyone in Westeros has a simple choice: they can live in her new world or die in the old one. She’s stating a timeless truth: when the world changes, you adapt, or you perish.

Like Westeros, the energy industry is changing. The old ways of generating electricity via massive coal plants and the burning of fossil fuels are being phased out in favor of renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar. This is in part because the gasses created by burning fossil fuels are changing the world in their own way by contributing to global climate change. As this transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy continues, people and companies invested in the energy industry will eventually face a choice: keep betting on the old way of creating energy or bend the knee to the new renewable energy order.

Liberty Power is helping people cross the gulf from Essos to Westeros, from the old way to the new, with renewable energy credits. When customers buy energy through renewable energy credits, Liberty Power buys the same amount of energy from renewable sources. This helps renewable energy companies develop, growing up from tiny little baby dragons to the enormous, majestic fiery animals that will eventually rule the energy world.

The Lone Wolf Dies But the Pack Survives

Sansa’s got a point (and Arya’s got a Needle). In troubled times, it’s more necessary than ever to stick together. When something bad happens, one person may not have the necessary resources to handle it. But a group of people working together and sharing their strength and energy can handle anything that nature throws their way.

It’s becoming more and more common for individual homeowners to install their own solar panels or windmills in their yards to provide energy for their homes. From there, these lone wolves are tempted to cut themselves off from the national energy grid, making all their own power and avoiding the monthly electricity bill. But by doing so they’re increasing their risk. If something should go wrong with their system, they have no recourse and either need to fix it on their own or go without power. By contrast, if they stick with the pack and maintain their connection, they’re safe in the shelter of the grid when their solar panel goes down.

With so much changing every season in Game of Thrones, we faithful viewers don’t need any more volatility in our lives. Maybe the only things we can control in Westeros are the price we pay for the electricity we need to watch it and how that electricity is generated. With a fixed-rate energy plan, no matter who Tyrion’s working for, what the Night King does with his spears, and whether or not your new girlfriend is also your Aunt, you always pay the same fair rate to watch the show. And with renewable energy credits, you can be a part of a strong group forging a new world.

At Liberty Power, we like Game of Thrones. But you don’t have to watch the show to know you can stabilize your energy bill with a fixed-rate energy plan and help promote a cleaner, greener future with renewable energy credits. Contact us to learn more about options available in your area and let us help you conquer the changing landscape of the energy industry.


Photo Credit: Søren Niedziella

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September 28, 2017