When Switching Electric Companies is Like Walking Away From a Bad Relationship

They don’t listen to you. They are impossible to get ahold of when you want their help. They don’t offer you what you need anymore and you’re starting to think you’d be better off without them. And worst of all, they’re costing you a lot of money. There are plenty of downsides to being a customer of a large, legacy energy company. But leaving a bad relationship (even with your electric supplier) takes a lot of courage. It can be a hassle to end your contract, and you might even incur fees if you’re canceling early. You might think that sticking around is easier and that it’s not worth rocking the boat. As you’ll soon discover, you have so much to gain by switching to a third-party energy supplier that better suits your lifestyle. Following the steps below will help you solidify why you want to switch suppliers and walk you through the entire process to bring you to an electric provider that actually fits your needs. What are you waiting for?

Five Good Reasons to Leave a Legacy Energy Company

When you’re gathering the courage to leave a bad situation, it helps to remember exactly why you decided to move on in the first place. Keeping an objective list of grievances will help keep your determination when the going gets tough—like when you’re waiting on hold for an hour trying to cancel. Your exact reasons for leaving may differ from the list below, but these are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The price per kWh is just too high.
  2. The bills you receive are confusing and full of fine print.
  3. You can’t ask for help when you need it because it’s impossible to reach a real person.
  4. Your electric bill spikes multiple times per year even though your usage stays the same.
  5. They don’t offer fixed-rate electricity plans.

Keep these justifications at the front of your mind and you’ll be prepared to face any struggle that comes your way. When switching energy providers, you truly have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

The Breakup: How to Switch Energy Companies

Thankfully, the actual process of switching companies is fairly simple and straightforward. It’s nice to know that the hassles you dealt with at the hands of your old provider will be over very soon. Use the following four steps to quickly make the switch: Choose your date carefully. Just like an actual breakup, you want to set yourself up for the least dramatic scenario possible. It’s easiest to terminate your electric plan at the end of a billing month (if you’re on a month to month contract) or to wait until your contract is up for renewal. If you’re trying to cancel at any other time, be aware that most companies will charge a cancellation fee. Do your research. Explore different companies to find one that meets your needs. Not sure where to start? Most states that offer retail choice electricity have a central website where you can search and compare plans in your area. While you’re shopping around, keep in mind that what makes the best energy supplier is often more than just the base rate you’ll receive. Compare all the fine print and make sure you have covered all your bases. Make the call. In the state of Texas and many other deregulated markets, you can simply call your new energy provider to start the process. You’ll sign up for their services and they will take care of the rest. Easy as pie. You don’t ever have to talk to the company that did you wrong– you don’t have to explain, and you don’t have to apologize. That’s the beauty of retail choice electricity! Watch and wait. Be aware that it can take several business days for the switch to take effect. Your quality of electricity shouldn’t change at all, so you don’t have to worry about losing power at any point in this process. Just pay attention to any bills you receive from this period to make sure that the transition in billing went smoothly and you were never double charged. This usually doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out.

Knowing When You’ve Found a Better Partner

It’s been a long journey. You’ve become disheartened with your original energy company and outlined all the reasons that they weren’t serving you well. You did your research and made the big phone call to switch electricity providers. Once the switch has officially taken place, you’re probably ready to be experiencing some benefits. Being with a really great energy provider is like finally being with a partner who understands, values, and excites you again. Your base rate is reasonable, you get to try a fixed-rate electricity plan for the first time, you’ve already received fantastic customer service, and you know exactly what to expect from now on. Switching might be the best decision you’ve ever made, and it’s about time. At Liberty Power, we understand that breaking up is hard to do. That’s why we’ve made switching to us super easy for you! If you’ve decided that our fixed-rate electricity plans or Liberty Green plans are what you’re looking for, or you want to learn more about how we take care of our customers, reach out to us today. We can’t wait to show you what it’s like to be in a fun, trustworthy and healthy relationship.


Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos /  CC BY-NC

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September 7, 2017