Texas Wind Renewable Energy


Texas may be the second largest state by population and land mass, but it is the largest in the country when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This feat is due in large part to Texas’ massive wind powered energy infrastructure (according to AWEA Market Report). Wind power is a renewable energy source that channels mother nature’s air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators used for electricity. The beauty of these turbines is that they provide green energy locally to residents who can contribute to the movement by enrolling in renewable wind energy plans.

Texas, the wind turbine powerhouse state leads the nation with 22,799 Megawatt (MW) of cumulative installed capacity, more than triple that of any other state. With no signs of slowing down, Texas continues its renewable wind power growth with many more Megawatt installation plans through 2018. Like me, you’re probably wondering how to translate megawatt meaning into human terms. (Thank gosh for Google) Think of it this way- the average home uses roughly 7 to 9 mWh in a year, so 1 MW of electricity is enough power to cover approximately 200 homes during the peak seasons and up to 500 homes during the cooler months. That translates to up to 11.4 million homes being provided by mother nature’s renewable energy!

That’s important because Texas emits quite a bit of greenhouse gases due largely to its massive supply of oil and natural gas. The EPA’s report in 2014 showed that Texas produced more gases and consumed more energy than any other state in the nation. In contrast, wind power produces no greenhouse gas emissions, does not require water, and uses little to no land space depending on whether the turbines are located on shore or off shore.

The benefits are real, which is why Liberty Power is excited to announce our 100% Wind Energy plans in Texas (can I get a heck yes!). We want to do our part and help you do yours to promote a cleaner environment in Texas and score a few points on the good karma scale. Liberty Power’s Renewable Energy Plans in Texas promotes a cleaner environment specifically within the state. We guarantee a fixed rate and guilt-free energy. Here’s how it works:

For each megawatt-hour of energy you consume on Liberty Power’s 100% Wind fixed rate green energy plan, Liberty Power will purchase Renewable Energy Credits which provides that the equivalent amount of green energy is pumped back into Texas’s Power Grid. You get price protection against upward trends in the energy market with a fixed supply rate, budget certainty, a reduced carbon footprint and the pride of knowing that you have contributed to energy independence and environmental sustainability within Texas.  The benefits of Texas wind powered electricity through Renewable Energy Credits and a retail energy provider like Liberty Power are real.  The wind revolution in Texas has gone viral & now consumers can help spread the cause through energy plans that contribute to its growth. Together, let’s make renewable energy a priority.

Contact Liberty PowerEnroll today, or enter your zip code on the right side of this page to see which Texas Wind plans work best for you- and if you’re not in Texas, Liberty Power offers many other green energy plans like Illinois Wind and New York Hydro!