Tips & Savings – Tin Can Grill Craft

Recycle Tin Cans into Mini Grills on Your Next Camping Trip
Its prime time camping season and what better way to spend some time with family and friends than to pack up your stuff and head out to the camping grounds? It’s just you, the wilderness, and wait… You forgot to pack one of the essentials… the grill! You could try to create a bonfire, but that may create a bigger problem. Fear not! We won’t let you starve! Chances are you did pack some sort of tin can, whether it be a coffee can, can of beans or any other type, there must be one somewhere inside your trailer. Follow these simple steps to turn that random can into your very own personal grill.

  • Using a marker, define one inch lines from the top of the can to about 2 inches from the bottom of the can.
  • Using some heavy duty scissors, cut those slats from top to about 2 inches from the bottom of the can.
  • Bend the slats outward to create a holder.
  • Line the inside of the can with foil.
  • Add coal.
  • Place a cooling rack on top of the can.
  • Grill at your pleasure. (Make sure to light the coals, of course!)

You can now be a grill master, anytime, anywhere. Happy grilling!