New Wooden Battery Offers Environmentally-Friendly Power Option

When you think of batteries and what they’re made of, you think metal, plastic, and all sorts of chemicals. Bet you’ve never listed wood as part of a battery. All of that is about to change. A team at the University of Maryland Nanocenter has developed a small, long-lasting battery made of wood, tin, and sodium.
It’s no secret the Earth contains a finite amount of resources. Unfortunately, pollution seems to be accelerating their reduction at an alarming pace. Scientists worldwide have made it their duty to try and come up with ways of producing more energy all while reducing the carbon footprint. With this new battery, they’ve done just that.
Each battery is made of a very thing piece of wood, thinner than a piece of paper. That piece of wood is then coated with tin. Sodium is the last big piece. This is important because it takes the place of lithium, a less environmentally-friendly element than sodium. It’s even been proven that sodium is better at storing energy than lithium and it’s more abundant.
Taking into consideration the bigger picture, scientists have found the future of these wooden batteries is rather bright. It’s low-cost and can be duplicated on a large scale, which means great things for smart grid technology. Knock on wood; we may be well on our way to a new mode of energy generation.

Source: TMCnet