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Partnerships are at the center of Liberty Power’s sales process. We greatly value our Sales Channels and work with each and every one of them in the field to build productive relationships, provide comprehensive and superior support and ensure operational excellence. It’s what makes us Powerful Together.

If you are already partnering with Liberty Power, you’ll want to read on to learn about many of the key factors that support our relationship. If you’re interested in becoming a Liberty Power Sales Channel, we want to offer you the same benefits that have proven to build mutually-beneficial, long-lasting partnerships.

Unlike most organizations, Liberty Power has undertaken an in-depth study of our processes and sales support field activities. We are proud of the results and are openly sharing them so you see our commitment to continuously improve everything we do.

The following is more than a list of our sales support and operational performance, but insight into the dedication and expertise you’ll receive from our Liberty Power team. Their hard work and commitment to making quality personal enhance our channels’ experience every day.

Key elements in our channel support that make us Powerful Together are:

  • Collaboration with a dedicated and knowledgeable Channel Manager – from a team that averages 11.4 years of energy account management experience
  • Performance where it counts – in 2014, 99.9% of commissions were accurate and 98.5% of contracts were processed in time for the next commission payment
  • Accuracy that frees you from administrative activities – in 2015, 99.9% of customer bills were accurate and 99.4% of customer accounts were enrolled on time
  • Confidence in your customers’ experiences  – our  Customer Care Team has an average of 11.8 years of experience and resolved 90.0% of all customer issues on the first call in 2015
  • Being fully informed – you’ll receive a daily report on an account change for immediate tracking and resolution when needed; plus 24/7 access to our partner portal and daily support from our Sales Support Analysts
  • You have a partnership with an energy supplier that served 94 of the Fortune 500 in 2014 – giving you the confidence that Liberty Power has the market expertise and financial strength to serve the most sophisticated customers
  • Since 2006 we have cultivated supply relationships exclusively with companies rated A+ or higher by Standard & Poor’s so that you and your customers can be certain that Liberty Power will be at your service for the long run
  • Daily matrix pricing that offers a wide range of fixed-rate products – including super savers, usage tier pricing and highlights on optimal terms to make it easy for you to select the best offer
  • Custom pricing on highly sophisticated products including Block & Index, Hybrid and a Managed Product; plus 99.2% of custom-priced requests have been delivered on or before the due date in 2015
  • Training materials, sales incentive programs and sales collateral to educate and motivate your sales agents and customers

Liberty Power is the largest owner-operated retail electricity supplier in the United States. Operating in 13 states and over 50 utilities, we meet the needs of residential and small/medium-sized businesses as well as larger commercial customers.

For the mass market, we offer a variety of fixed-rate products including 100% green and Green-e plans – all on daily matrix pricing. Check out a complete list of products in the “Buy Electricity” section.

For Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants (ABCs), we offer a range of fixed-rate matrix pricing as well as some of the industry’s most sophisticated products.

Great partnerships are founded on common goals, shared commitments and mutual gains.

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