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Exercise Your Power to Choose

Competition in any industry means more choices for customers. As a customer in a deregulated utility market, you can shop for electricity supply the same way you shop for other services – by comparing prices, and choosing options, terms and plans that best suit your needs.

Top Questions to Ask a Supplier

  1. What is your rate per usage (kWh)?
  2.   What does this price include?
  3. Is this a fixed rate or does it vary depending on: market price, time‐of‐day, or after a certain amount of time?
  4.   If this is a fixed rate, how long does it stay fixed?
  5. Are there any additional charges, like a monthly customer charge or other fees?
  6. What is the term of the agreement and what happens when my agreement comes to an end?
  7. Are your charges included in my utility bill or will I receive a separate bill?
  8. Is there a security deposit or early termination (cancellation) fees?
  9. Do you guarantee savings?
  10. When will I receive my first bill?
  11. Who do I contact about billing questions?
  12. What is your Customer Service phone number? Can I contact you by email?

Glossary of Terms:

  • ActOnEnergy (from Ameren Illinois for energy efficiency tips and access to programs, rebates and incentives):
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