A Comprehensive Approach to Energy Management

Liberty Power is committed to being more than a retail energy provider – we’re committed to providing you with a comprehensive approach to energy management. Through a partnership with GridPoint, an energy solutions technology company, you’ll have access to an innovative offer combining electricity supply with energy management.

With GridPoint’s smart building solution, Liberty Power provides a tool that gives you control over your electricity costs, and control over your budget with a locked-in fixed rate. The complete service includes the installation of specialized equipment to assist in analyzing, controlling and monitoring the energy use within your business.

Energy Reduction Strategy Means Cash to Your Bottom Line

An energy reduction strategy can take your “corporate responsibility” to the next level. Using the power of big data analytics and cloud computing, Liberty Power’s Energy Management Service helps optimize energy savings for your business – meaning cash to your bottom line.

Ongoing Monitoring Puts Dollars in Your Pocket

The ongoing energy advisory services help you monitor and maintain your energy reduction strategy and achieve optimal results by helping you reduce your energy consumption from day one. This makes more than just sense it put dollars in your pocket.

Smart Building Technology Improves Facility Efficiency & Performance

●  Lower Energy Spend

●  Make Better Decisions Based on Data

●  Control HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration & Site Schedules

●  Identify & Triage Issues Remotely

●  Reduce Peak Demand

●  Ensure Customer Comfort

●  Receive Real-time Issue Notification

●  Secure Consistency Across Locations

●  Avoid Maintenance & Repair

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