Energy Management Services for Your Business

A Comprehensive Approach to Energy Management

Given the increasing complexities surrounding energy and environmental issues affecting businesses, companies today are continuously recognizing the need to develop and implement effective energy management strategies to master the ever-changing energy landscape.

That’s where Liberty Power can help.

Liberty Power is committed to being more than a retail energy provider – we’re committed to providing customers with a comprehensive approach to energy management.  Through our partnerships with energy management experts combined with innovative technology and industry experience, Liberty Power can offer the tools and expertise to successfully manage a business’s energy spend – allowing customers to take control over their corporate energy costs and invest in other areas of their business.


Smart Building Technology for Commercial and Industrial Enterprises (Energy Management-as-a-Service)

Liberty Power’s partnership with GridPoint, an energy solutions technology company, provides customers with a tool to monitor electricity costs and positively impact their budget. The complete service includes the installation of specialized equipment to assist in analyzing, controlling and monitoring the energy use within a business – to help identify efficiencies and opportunities to lower energy spend.

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Combining the Power of Technology, Analytics and Personal Interaction

Liberty Power’s partnership with Correlate, an energy management company that uses a combination of energy spend management platform analytics and human interaction to interpret and recommend energy saving opportunities, provides customers with the ability to auto-populate an energy spend management platform to analyze usage and spend trends and allow for automated bill payment. Correlate’s services also include quarterly reviews with Energy Experts – to interpret the data and identify opportunities for significant energy savings.

Learn more about Correlate’s services.



If you’re looking to take your business’s energy management strategies to the next level, Liberty Power’s experienced team of energy experts can help – providing you with the tools, technology and expertise to help manage your current energy use, optimize expenses and look to the future for long-term sustainability and growth.

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