Liberty Power Announces New Electricity Contract with Philly Buying Power

Liberty Power and Taylor Consulting help City of Philadelphia businesses meet energy needs with 100% Green Energy

Ft. Lauderdale – October 20, 2011

Liberty Power, one of the fastest-growing, independent retail electric providers in the US, has signed a 12-month contract with Philly Buying Power, a program endorsed by the City of Philadelphia, to supply over 400 properties an estimated 47,000 megawatt-hours of power annually.

Beginning in January of 2012, Liberty Power will supply electricity to a citywide aggregation including restaurants, dry cleaners, storefronts, and apartment complexes, as well as major biotech firms, governmental entities, colleges and healthcare facilities. The contract was awarded through a highly-competitive auction facilitated by Taylor Consulting and Contracting. Liberty Power was selected because its low-cost offer provided 100% green energy at a more competitive price than the other PA registered suppliers participating in the auction.

“At our auction, Liberty Power provided us with a rate that included 100% green energy at a price that was less than what these businesses were paying. It is a true win-win for our Philly Buying Power customers and the City of Philadelphia,” stated Karen Tomaine, Chief Executive Officer of Taylor.

“Philly Buying Power is helping Philadelphia businesses save money and contributing to our Greenworks Philadelphia goal of purchasing or generating 20% of electricity used in Philadelphia from alternative energy sources by 2015,” said Mayor Michael Nutter. “This is one of many ways that Philadelphia is both business-friendly and environmentally-friendly.”

“Liberty Power is honored to support the Philly Buying Power initiative of the City of Philadelphia, and welcome the customers of Philly Buying Power to our family of customers,” said David Hernandez, CEO of Liberty Power. “We are proud to provide Philly Buying Power’s customers with not only the lowest-cost power, but also the specific products and services they desire.”

For more information or to enroll in Philly Buying Power, call 215.558.5185 or visit

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