Liberty Power: Liberty Power Names New VP of Pricing, Structuring, and Product Development, New VP of Wholesale Supply Operations, and New VP of SMB Sales

Liberty Power’s Management Team Grows as Business Increases

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – July 23, 2008 – Liberty Power, one of the fastest growing, independent retail electric providers in the United States, today announced the appointments of Derik Viner to the position of Vice President, Pricing, Structuring, and Product Development, Joe Holtman to the position of Vice President, Wholesale Supply Operations, and Claus Kursell to the position of Vice President, Small and Medium Business (“SMB”) Sales.

Derik Viner will be responsible for managing Liberty Power’s product development efforts and deal pricing and structuring. “We are very excited with the addition of Derik Viner to our executive team and the proven experience he brings to our pricing team,” stated David Hernandez, CEO of Liberty Power. “For customers, price is one of the most critical components in selecting an electric service provider. Liberty Power continues to build its portfolio of products to ensure that each customer can address their individual needs, while optimizing cost–savings.”

Viner brings his sales, pricing and risk management, and energy experience to Liberty Power after holding several senior positions within the energy industry. His most recent position was Vice President of the Geographic Business Line for Constellation NewEnergy. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Viner now makes his home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

As Vice President of Wholesale Supply Operations, Joe Holtman will be responsible for Liberty Power´s procurement of power and risk management. “A sophisticated level of risk management is critical to the long–term success of any retail electric provider, as has been proven by the recent defaults of a number of retail electric providers in Texas. We are very pleased with the recent addition of Joe Holtman and the expertise and experience he brings to Liberty Power,” Hernandez stated.

Holtman has extensive experience in the energy industry in the areas of forecasting, risk management, and procurement. Most recently, he was Director of Energy Supply for Consolidated Edison. Holtman is a graduate of the Iona College´s Hagan School of Business, and now makes his home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Leading SMB sales, Claus Kursell will be responsible for expanding Liberty Power´s sales infrastructure in the SMB segment for both current and new markets by further expanding both the company´s internal sales channel development support team as well as boarding new external sales channels. “We are equally excited with the addition of Claus Kursell to our executive team and the leadership he brings to our small– to medium–sized business sales team,” Hernandez stated. “We look forward to continually amplifying the fundamental principle that Liberty Power was founded on – to provide small and medium–sized businesses with the cost–savings and outstanding level of customer service typically reserved only for large commercial customers.”

Kursell brings his sales, marketing and operational experience to Liberty Power after holding several leadership positions, including his most recent role as leader of SMB Business Development for Nortel Networks. A graduate of McGill University, Kursell makes his home in Broward County, Florida.

One of Kursell´s first acts as Vice President was to hire Jason Merritt, Director of Channel Development. “Jason Merritt is a significant addition to the Liberty Power SMB Sales team,” Kursell stated. “Specifically, his considerable experience in the Texas energy market ensures that Liberty Power will continue to be well–positioned to serve customers in one of the most competitive restructured energy markets.” Prior to joining Liberty Power, Merritt held various senior sales management positions for Strategic Energy, where he developed sales both in the Texas–ERCOT market, as well as at the national level, and Direct Energy where he focused on residential and commercial sales in the Texas–ERCOT market.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liberty Power is one of only four national retail electric providers licensed in 16 or more states and is the only certified, minority–owned, independent retail electric provider with a national presence. Currently serving tens of thousands of customers in New York, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Delaware, Maine, and Washington, D.C., Liberty Power provides large and small businesses, as well as residential customers, with low–cost electricity and outstanding customer service. National customers include JCPenney, Bausch & Lomb, and New York Life.

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