Liberty Power: Michigan Gets a D in Deregulation Report

Alejandro Bodipo–Memba
Detroit Free Press
Feb 12, 2007

Michigan received a grade of D in a recent report on electric deregulation and the creation of an inviting environment for small– and medium–size businesses looking for a variety of choices in purchasing electric power.

Liberty Power Corp.’s 2007 Electric Choice Report Card gave Michigan that grade, in large part, because the state´s current regulatory environment makes it difficult for small businesses to shop around for the best possible price for electricity.

Electricity costs are among the biggest concerns for small– and medium–size business owners.

Twenty states and the District of Columbia were ranked on four key criteria in the report:

• Companies’ ability to compare prices.
• Restrictions on shopping for electric power.
• Protection from cost overruns.
• Regulatory climate.

The states that received the highest grades were New York and Texas, both of which received A–. Michigan was one of seven states that received Ds or Fs.

“Generally speaking, this report card is basically saying how well do the states do to allow small businesses choices for procuring power and how well does a particular state promote shopping,” said Paul Ring, a government affairs analyst with Liberty Power Corp., a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.–based an alternative electric supplier that advocates greater electricity deregulation.”

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