A Message from David Hernandez

“You can’t have entrepreneurship without competition, and you can’t have competition without information”.
– David Hernandez, Liberty Power CEO and 2005 Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year award winner.

David Hernandez, Liberty Power CEO and Co–founder participated in a panel discussion “Are Hispanics Natural Born Entrepreneurs?” at the annual National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on June 16, 2006. The panel focused on the booming growth of Hispanic businesses and the entrepreneurs fueling that growth. Hernandez, who started Liberty Power from his living room after separating from Enron in 2001, has taken the company from four employees and less than $800,000 in revenue, to 36 employees and $102 million in revenue in 2005. He was named Hispanic Business Magazine’s Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2005.

Additionally, Hernandez is leading a national campaign to promote the value of choice to customers of electric retail service. Currently, only 21 states offer their citizens the right to select their electricity provider, while the remaining states promote a monopolistic structure that prohibits customers from choosing.

About Liberty Power

Liberty Power is the only national, minority–owned retail electric provider in the United States, and is certified and licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, the New York State Public Service Commission, the Maryland Public Service Commission, and the District of Columbia Public Service Commission and by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The company is also GSA, SBA, and SBA–8A certified. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liberty Power supplies electricity to over 20,000 small and medium–sized businesses in Texas, New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Liberty Power also provides energy to numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as to various governmental agencies, such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, Linens ‘n Things, New York Life and Wal–Mart.

A privately held company, Liberty Power is also one of the fastest growing independent retail electric providers in the country, surpassing $100 million in revenue in 2005 after just four years of operations. Liberty Power CEO David Hernandez was named Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year by Hispanic Business magazine in 2005, and was recently named Businessman of the Year for Region VI by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Liberty Power is a registered trademark of Liberty Power Corp. LLC. Liberty Power Corp. — encompassing Liberty Power Maryland LLC, Liberty Power District of Columbia LLC, and LPT LLC dba LPT SP LLC — is certified and licensed by the Public Utilities/Service Commissions of: CA, CT, DC, DE, IL, ME, MD (IR793), MA (CS-057) MI, NJ (ESL-0001), NY, OH, PA, RI, TX (10118) and VA; and is licensed and certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

For background information on competition in the electricity sector, visit www.competecoalition.org.

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