Liberty Power CEO Inspires Young Leaders at the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge

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Liberty Power CEO David Hernandez addresses students at the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge

David Hernandez gives keynote address on how to be a successful entrepreneur

Liberty Power’s CEO David Hernandez shared his own proven building blocks for success at the 2014 Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge (FELC). As a successful entrepreneur and member of the Job Creators Network, David presented his keynote address to the students participating in FELC held this summer at his alma mater, Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition to providing advice and mentorship about entrepreneurship to the students, David addressed some of the challenges associated with starting a business in today’s economy, such as regulations.

“One of my highlights of my FELC experience was listening to David Hernandez,” one student from Florida said. “He taught me that humility is something not a lot people have, but it is a key trait to become a great leader.”

David and the Liberty Power senior leadership team believe so strongly in the strength of humility that it is a fundamental part of the company’s  culture. Team members at all levels are encouraged see that everyone has something to teach, and that decisions must be based solely on what is best for the company and its customers, not individual egos.

FELC is a program for high school students and teaches the core principles of our free enterprise system. Over 7,300 students have graduated from the FELC Program. David spoke to 100 students who traveled from Florida, New Jersey, Utah, Connecticut and El Salvador. Many attendees were first generation Americans, much like Hernandez himself, who was born in Cuba.

The five day program, which occurs three times every summer, offers a unique hands-on approach to equip students with the economic knowledge and tools to begin their own business. During the program the students experience the process of building a business from scratch as well as hearing from business leaders in the community.

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September 11, 2014