Liberty Power Expands Product Line

Liberty Power launches renewable energy offer and a multi-rate product

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – June 28, 2013 – Liberty Power, the nation’s largest independent retail electric supplier, announced today the launch of two new products – Liberty Green, a green alternative plan and SmartStep, a targeted savings plan that offsets higher rates associated with peak energy times during the year.

Liberty Green

Liberty Green was created to enable customers to easily offset their electricity usage through green resources. Green or renewable energy is generated by resources that can naturally replenish themselves; this includes solar, wind, small hydro, and geothermal energy, among other sources.

Liberty Power’s new product addresses the growing concern of the impact energy use has on the environment. Liberty Green provides renewable energy certificates or credits (RECs) equal to 100% of consumers’ electricity usage. Each REC represents the equivalent of one thousand kilowatt hours of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

For Liberty Green, Liberty Power purchases enough RECs on behalf of the customer to match their energy usage over the term of their agreement, offsetting their usage. The 100% Green-e Energy Certified RECs are available to commercial and residential customers. In Illinois, Liberty Green is offered in the form of wind RECs associated with the state’s wind farms.

The green alternative plan was launched hand-in-hand with the company’s “Boost Your Eco” Earth Day campaign. The promotion was designed to build awareness of renewable energy sources and “boost” Liberty Power customers’ environmental sustainability.

Part of the campaign included an Earth Day kit, a ‘thank you’ for selecting a renewable energy solution. Customers received a variety of green-themed giveaways including a dual purpose seed-imbedded bookmark and a four-pack of energy efficient light bulbs. Customers also received a renewable energy certification for their eco-friendly support. Liberty Power, in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation, supported the planting of 2,000 trees in the Blackwater River State Forest located in Florida’s panhandle. The support was a joint effort on behalf of participating customers and employees.

“Customers are increasingly aware of the impact their energy-use decisions have on the environment,” said David Hernandez, CEO and co-founder. “We’ve provided renewable energy solutions to our large, key accounts for a number of years; we are now excited about helping all our customers reach their sustainability goals.”


The launch of SmartStep, Liberty Power’s subsequent product, purposely coincides with the onset of the summer season, known for its increasing temperatures and higher electricity costs. This new multi-rate plan addresses these costs and in the near future will offer the opportunity to reduce energy expenses with a lower rate during other peak times of the year.

“Because of SmartStep’s initial summer savings rate, you won’t have to think twice about turning down the air conditioner during a heat wave,” said Rana Ghosh, Chief Marketing Officer. “Energy bills can eat up a lot of your budget. This product makes seasonal price changes more affordable.”

With SmartStep, the term of a customer’s agreement is divided into sub-terms or ‘steps.’ Each ‘step’ is secured with its own Liberty Power low fixed-rate. This new product combines price certainty and rate relief while removing the mystery of fluctuating costs.

SmartStep is now available to residential and commercial customers in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio.

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About Liberty Power

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liberty Power is the largest independent retail electric supplier in the United States based on 2013 KEMA rankings of electric retailers. The company is also the first certified, minority-owned supplier with a national footprint, and the largest Hispanic-owned energy company in the United States according to Hispanic Business. Liberty Power provides large and small businesses, government agencies and residential customers with affordable electricity and exceptional customer service.

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June 28, 2013