Liberty Power Supports Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Liberty Power donates $25,000 to the American Red Cross recovery efforts

Ft. Lauderdale – December 14, 2012

Liberty Power, the nation’s largest independent retail electric supplier, today announced it has donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross in support of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The company launched a campaign during the month of November to help provide assistance and support to those devastated by the late October superstorm. The campaign, which provided customers with the added incentive of knowing they would be a part of Liberty Power’s efforts to help the American Red Cross deliver assistance to those who need it most, was a huge success.

“The destruction brought on by Hurricane Sandy went beyond homes and businesses. It washed away security and destroyed families, leaving behind only memories. Our customers have so much heart; it is because of their compassion our campaign exceeded its goal and we are able to help those impacted by the storm begin to rebuild their lives,” said Rana Ghosh, Liberty Power’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The Liberty Power donation, which was presented by Mr. Ghosh to the American Red Cross South Florida Region, took place on December 13. The donated funds will go towards providing every day necessities to families displaced by the storm.

“Thank you for your generous donation. Disasters like Superstorm Sandy devastate communities. We are grateful for the compassion Liberty Power Corp has shown as the American Red Cross continues to provide warm meals, shelter and hope to families when they need it most,” said Michael Jalali, Chief Development Officer, American Red Cross South Florida Region.

Recorded as the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane behind Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Caribbean, the Mid-Atlantic, and the northeastern United States. The hurricane affected more than 20 states, several of which are on the eastern seaboard where Liberty Power customers are located.

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