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Connecticut consumes more energy monthly than any other New England state. Electricity prices are also the highest in the region, leading to expensive monthly bills. Connecticut households spend an average of $140 per month depending on the season.

Until 1998, Connecticut’s energy sector was a monopoly controlled by a few major utilities. Fortunately Connecticut adopted legislation (PA 98-28) to deregulate the market and today customers can select affordable plans from an array of private energy services companies (ESCO). Increased market competition has helped customers take control over their energy budgets and select from renewable options.

Why Switch to Deregulated Energy?

Deregulated energy is great news for eligible Connecticut residents who want more control over their monthly energy bills. Before 1998  two electric companies and the Department of Public Utility Control held a monopoly on electricity and natural gas. Under this monopoly, utilities could spontaneously increase rates due to uncontrollable factors such as extreme weather. Luckily as a Connecticut resident, you can choose an energy service company with a fixed rate and term.

Liberty Power is a private energy service supplier that understands Connecticut residents face higher energy prices and expensive monthly bills. Residents should not have to worry about local utilities spiking rates at times when they need it the most. We believe when customers are informed, they can make better choices about energy spending.

Along with a fixed rate and customized term, Liberty Power offers Connecticut residents a friendly, informed and available customer service team to explain every step in the process of energy independence.

The Benefits of Switching to Liberty Power

1 – No Fees, No Downtime

There are absolutely no fees, downtime or changes to the monthly payment process. After making the switch to Liberty Power, your new fixed rate will be included on the current invoice as a line item.

2 – Fixed Rates for Your Budget

Let us make your budget simple with low fixed rate electricity plans. Find out how we can help guarantee rates for up to 3 years so you never how to worry about unpredictable fluctuating rates again.

3 – Simple to Enroll

Upon completion of an enrollment agreement, Liberty Power’s enrollment team will take care of everything. We’ll submit information to the local utility to transfer your electricity supply to Liberty Power beginning with your contracted month

4 – Responsive Customer Service

Liberty Power’s customer service experts know our stuff. The team is available to answer questions about making the switch in Connecticut, paying your monthly bill, and contract options to meet your needs.

What Will Change After the Switch?

You may be confused about who is providing the electricity or natural gas after switching to a deregulated energy company. Don’t worry, we get that question a lot. Let’s dive deeper.

Your local utility owns the power lines and will continue to deliver energy to your home. After switching to Liberty, the only change you’ll see is the new affordable rate on your monthly bill. Once you make the switch, your energy bill is no longer subjected to price spikes due to factors like extreme weather, energy availability, regulation and lack of supplier choice.

Our Connecticut pricing and customer service team is always on call to share their knowledge to help inform you about energy plan benefits.

Working with Liberty Power is Simple:

  1. Enter your ZIP to determine eligibility
  2. Select a custom electricity supply plan to meet your needs
  3. Sign up with Liberty Power for a 12-36 month term


Our fixed rate plans

  • Offer price certainly and budget control
  • Provide a variety of simple, easy-to-understand terms

Residential Products

  • National Green-e Plan

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Liberty Power PURA Licensing Dockets

  • Docket No. 06-12-07: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License
  • Docket No. 06-12-07RE01: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License – Expansion of License
  • Docket No. 06-12-07RE02: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License – Reopening due to Statute Change
  • Docket No. 06-12-07RE04: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License – License Renewal
  • Docket No. 06-12-07RE05: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License – Re-Billing
  • Docket No. 06-12-07RE06: Application of Liberty Power Holdings, LLC for an Electric Supplier License – Review of  Allegations of Consumer Protection Violation

PURA Contact Information

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Ten Franklin Square
New Britain, CT 06051
(800) 382-4586 (toll free within CT)
(860) 827-2622 (outside CT)
(860) 827-2837

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