Dorm Survival 101: All That Other Stuff20130822165506

Dorm Survival 101: All That Other Stuff

tlocascioAugust 22, 20130 comments
This is the last installment of the Liberty Power Dorm Survival Guide. By this point, you’ve probably got a van packed to the brim with more stuff tha...
Dorm Survival 101: Lighting20130820150126

Dorm Survival 101: Lighting

tlocascioAugust 20, 20130 comments
It’s not always easy to find a way to LIGHT-en the mood in a dorm room, but the following will get you on the right path to illuminating those drab wa...
Dorm Survival 101: School Supplies20130815100345

Dorm Survival 101: School Supplies

tlocascioAugust 15, 20130 comments
Dorm Survival 101: School Supplies Back to pencils, back to books, try to avoid teacher’s dirty looks. Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide wouldn̵...
Dorm Survival 101: Electronics20130813113057

Dorm Survival 101: Electronics

tlocascioAugust 13, 20130 comments
It’s time to energize that tired ole dorm room! Operation: Power Up is a glimpse into some of the electronics you’ll want to pack to take you from get...
Dorm Survival 101: Room Appliances20130808115615

Dorm Survival 101: Room Appliances

Additional ‘stuff’ to help make dorm life livable Welcome back to Liberty Power’s Dorm Survival Guide. While the following items aren’t ‘must haves’ t...
Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances, The Sequel20130807131202

Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances, The Sequel

Operation: Don’t Starve is back with some more helpful kitchen appliances to start your semester off right. Coffee Maker – For the coffee addicts out ...
Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances20130806145529

Dorm Survival 101: Kitchen Appliances

Our Operation: Don’t Starve checklist is essential when the campus meal plan just isn’t cutting it   The dining hall on campus is so convenient… ...